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Autograph copy of The Letter Critters Biographies: $20 Hard copy or $15 paperback

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The Letter Critters Talent Show

Free Shipping the Month of October:  Autograph copy of The Letter Critters Talent Show: $18 Hard copy. Please put in a NOTE for the NAMES(s) you like the book to be Autographed.

Welcome to The Letter Critters Town! The Letter Critter H is planning a fun day in Letter Critters Town by organizing and hosting a talent show. The Letter Critters A-Z are invited to show off their talents or be part of the audience to enjoy the show. There are all kinds of acts performed by these cute little creatures! Letter Critter T does his terrific tap dance! Letter Critter H walks across hot coals! Letter Critter V does a very nice ventriloquist act!

But one Letter Critter is being negative about the talent show. Which Letter Critter could it be?



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