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Helping Kids Learn the ABCs His “Letter Critters” Way!


Chase PSA commercial with Autism Speaks. For some people with autism, a traditional interview setting may be tough. Help us create more understanding and opportunities. 


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Published Books:

The Letter Critters - Book 1

The Letter Critters Biographies - Book 2

The Letter Critters Talent Show - Book 3

Pre-Orders Are Now Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Mascot Books  The Letter Critters Talent Show - Book 3 published by Mascot Books

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The Letter Critters Biographies book will give you inside information about The Letter Critters personalities and where they live. It features fun information about what the Critters enjoy, a glossary, and fun facts.

Paperback version available on

Hard cover copy available at  Barnes and Noble

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The Letter Critters is available on and Barnes and Noble.  Please visit and search for The Letter Critters. Stop by your local Barnes and Noble and ask for The Letter Critters or click   This 5 star rated book is written by a teenager who loves letters and drawing characters. 


Brianna Denski, leading voice in Paramount's animated feature film Wonder Park, narrated The Letter Critters Biographies! Click the picture for the audio book on

Audiobook for The Letter Critters Biographies Author/Illustrator Chase Taylor and Narrator Brianna Denski 

Look Below for Trading Cards Slideshow about the Letter Critters. Read slowly and listen to the music from Reader Rabbit Music Copyrighted by The Learning Company.



Meet the Characters!  Click to learn more about The Letter Critters.


Click Here for Chase's Letter Critters ABC Cards (On line Store NOW AVAILABLE)!  Click on Trading Card Words in the menu bar above for fun Words you can spell with the trading cards. 

Click picture for the Free Costume/Dress Up coloring pages and Costume Letter Critters Fan Page

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Link to Chase volunteering to participate in the Autism Speaks Be Kind Message.  YouTube Video:


The Letter Critter O(for Opera) singing Happy Birthday song to Author and Illustrator Chase Taylor

The Letter Critters created by Chase Taylor

Animation by Transcend Studio

Voice by Meg Capen

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Great Review of The Letter Critters Biographies Book Review by Tracy Blom