NEW! The Letter Critters ABC and Digit Mice Flash Cards


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New Letter Critters and Digit Mice Flash Cards!

The cards are a fun way for you to spell words, learn the alphabet sign language with The Letter Critters and count with the Digit Mice (Chase’s newest creation). The Letter Critters display the Upper and Lower Case letters, a picture starting with the letter, AND the sign language for each letter. In addition, the Digit Mice help you count.

A nice size for the little hands to handle.

Author Chase Taylor will also post some suggested words on the website periodically! Post your photos on social media with hashtag #thelettercritters. Or email your words to [email protected] and we will post to our site.

The Flash Cards are in a nice sturdy plastic case. The flash cards are sold at cost for you!

Have fun learning with the Letter Critters and the Digit Mice!

To see a list of words you can spell with the cards, click here!

For a list of activities you can play with the cards, click here.

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