Meet The Characters

AFemaleA is a pink fennec fox with orange eyes. She loves to eat apples. She has a fear of ants and gets scared easily.
BFemaleB is a red-orange and white squirrel with brown eyes. She loves blue balloons and wears bows on her ears. Blue is her most favorite color. She also loves birthdays. She is best friends with F.
CMaleC is a blue polar bear with red eyes. He is cold all the time. He wears red earmuffs and has snow on his head. Sometimes he gets into conflicts with K because they have the same sound. He also likes to read his Cosmic Cat comics at home and drink coffee.
DMaleD is a red-orange fennec fox with orange eyes. He dresses up like a doctor and helps his friends If they’re sick. He gives his patients donuts after he takes care of him.
EFemaleE is a pink fennec fox with green eyes. She has excellent enormous ears that can hear far away. She likes to wear earrings to look elegant. She doesn’t like to eavesdrop on her friends.
FFemaleF is a blue fennec fox with red eyes. She was born with feathers on her back and can fly really well. She likes to make friends. Her best friend is B. She lives in the forest where she likes to smell flowers.
GMaleG is an orange panda bear with green eyes. He has a guitar to play groovy tunes on. He Is a great gardener as well. He grows grapefruit, grapes, and gourds. He tries to get goats and gophers out of his garden with a gate.
HMaleH is a green grizzly bear with orange eyes. He gets hot a lot in the heat. He cools himself down with huge amounts of H2O. He likes to help make new sounds with friends like CS, and T. He usually likes to eat hamburgers and hot dogs.
IFemaleI is a pink and white squirrel with blue eyes. She has icky ick on her head which is itchy to her. She had this infection when she was an infant. She has an incredible imagination and likes to invent new things. She also likes to investigate insects. She can be pretty intelligent.
JFemaleis a purple and white squirrel with green eyes. She likes to jump up and down with joy. She can be very active and likes jazz music. She also can juggle and jog. She loves to eat jelly sandwiches and drink juice.
KFemaleK is an orange fennec fox with yellow eyes. She can kick very well. She loves to play kickball with her friends. She is very kind to others. She has a pet kitten named Katie. She lives in an Australian-like area where kangaroos are found. Sometimes K can get into fights with C.
LMaleL is a purple fennec fox with blue eyes. He loves lemonade. He opens up a lemonade stand every summer. He also loves to read books in the library to learn about his favorite things. He is never late on returning his books.
MMaleM is an orange grizzly bear with blue eyes. He loves to eat many kinds of food like meatballs, macaroni, and muffins. He especially likes making meals like meatloaf. Usually when he makes a mess in the kitchen, he cleans it up so his mom isn’t mad at him.
NMaleN is a light blue fennec fox with yellow eyes. He has a nasty personality and says “No” a lot. He can be very negative about certain things like new neighbors. He usually likes to read the newspaper and eat noodles at noon.
OFemaleO is a pink and white squirrel with green eyes. She loves to sing opera. She practices operatic tunes every day to become an opera singer someday. She likes to eat olive omelets in the morning.
PMaleP is a green panda bear with red eyes. He loves to eat pizza and popcorn at parties. He has a puppy named Pickles and a pet porcupine named Pete. Sometimes he plays pranks with his friend S. He also likes to have picnics at the park. He packs pumpkin pie, pizza, and pineapples to eat.
QMaleQ is a yellow grizzly bear with green eyes. He has a duck named Quackers who quacks a lot. He also has a crush on U. She helps him make his sound. Sometimes he quivers and quakes when he tries to talk to U. He is usually a quiet guy.
RFemaleR is a yellow fennec fox with blue eyes. She has a tomboy personality and loves race cars. She wears a racing helmet on her head all the time. She has remote control race cars and a race car bed as well. Her favorite color is red and she loves rock’ n’ roll. Sometimes she can make new sounds with the vowels.
SMaleS is a yellow fennec fox with orange eyes. He has some slithery snakes for pets and is very sneaky. He likes to play tricks on others with his slimy pets. Sometimes he likes to swim in the sea and look for seashells.
TMaleT is a purple grizzly bear with green eyes. He loves to tap dance for fun. He has a lot of talents to show off. He wins tons of talents shows that way. He gets trophies too.
UFemaleU is a pink and white squirrel with yellow eyes. She carries an umbrella around all the time. She has a lot of umbrellas at home.
VMaleV is a light blue polar bear with orange eyes. He loves to win victories in certain contests. He wears gold medals to show his winnings. He likes to go on vacations to visit volcanos and valleys. He also eats vegetables for vitality. He can be very vain sometimes.
WFemaleW is a green fennec fox with brown eyes. She can wink very well. She also has a wardrobe with wonderful wigs. She likes to take walks in the woods while wearing wigs.
XFemaleX is a light blue and white squirrel with purple eyes. She is extraordinarily unique. She sometimes wonders why she exists. One of her favorite things to do his stand on her hands and play xylophones. She also likes to look at X-rays.
YFemaleY is a purple fennec fox with green eyes. She loves to yell a lot. She can yodel too. She is a yearning critter and can be a cheerleader. She is the only consonant who can be a vowel as well. She has a happy-go-lucky personality.
ZMaleZ is a red-orange panda bear with blue eyes. He can zoom really fast. Sometimes he can zip in zig-zags. He gets this zippy speed from eating zucchini. He loves to visit the zoo and feed the zebras.