Trading Card Activities

Spell a Word: Pick a Letter Critter card out of random and have your child name something or find something that starts with that critter. You can get your kid to spell the object they found.

-Have your kids copy the hand signs on the card to learn sign language.

-Put the characters in alphabetical order.

Tell A Story: Have your child make up a story about a random Letter Critter card. This story will have a lot of words that begin with that certain Letter Critter. This is a great way for your kid to be creative.

Hide and Seek: Place the trading cards in random places around the house. Have your kid try to find them. These hiding places can start with the Letter Critter. For Digit Mice, they will be the associated number of objects.

-Sort the characters in groups by different features: color, gender, letter type, etc.

-Have your kids spell a word on the Word Wheel or word list on the Letter Critters website:

-Use the Digit Mice to count certain objects of a certain number.

Compare and Contrast: Pick any two Letter Critter or Digit Mice cards out of the deck and make a Venn Diagram. That’s a chart that allows you to show what two things have in common and how they are different from each other. Have your child find the similarities or comparisons of the two cards (Ex. species, color, gender).

-For the Digit Mice, come up with some math equations (ones that go from 1-10) for your child to solve. They will have a blank space for your child to fill out. They can use two Digit Mice for two-digit equations. You can also use the backsides with the dots to help your child count how many.

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